Saint Margaret School was founded in 1955 by Monsignor Bernard T. Lennon, the former pastor of Saint Margaret Parish, and was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy. Offering classes for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 8, the school has established a reputation for excellence throughout the Diocese of Providence. In 1996, St. Margaret School was one of the first Catholic schools in the diocese to be accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A formal Middle School Program was added in 1993.

Today, St. Margaret School educates students from the East Providence area and beyond, offering a comprehensive education in the Catholic tradition. Our school is one marked by joy, enthusiasm, and care for one another, all in a spirit of Christian love and service.


The goal of Saint Margaret’s Academic Program is to meet each child’s needs through a variety of teaching methods. Students take the core subjects of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Religion in accordance with curriculum guidelines of the Diocese of Providence and the State of Rhode Island. Students participate once a week in Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer and Library classes. Foreign languages of French and Spanish are introduced in the third grade.

Yearly evaluations for students in grades 1-8 are conducted using the STAR standardized testing program. To ensure the highest standards of excellence, Saint Margaret School continually evaluates its Academic Program.

Elementary School

The role of the elementary school is to instill a love of learning, build self-esteem and encourage the development of caring qualities and respect for others. The Elementary School Program develops a strong foundation in young students by fostering academic growth through an approach designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of all students. Spiritual understanding is developed through prayer, attendance at monthly and special Masses and participation in community-service activities.

The Pre-Kindergarten through grade two are the foundational years. We take time to ensure that all students in these grades have the basics in writing, reading and mathematics. Grades three to five are the important building block years where more complex and interconnected curriculum goals are strengthened. We believe that God has given each student special gifts and talents. We build on these gifts and talents during the elementary years in a number of ways. We demand at each grade level commitments to their studies through writing, speaking and prayer. Students, even in the youngest grades, lead in prayer at different times of the year.

We have a “Buddies” program, which puts our youngest students with our middle school students for many activities throughout the year. The older Buddies read to them, take them to Mass and provide role models for our youngest children. It is a match that pays dividends to both younger and older students.

Saint Margaret’s offers full day or half-day Pre-Kindergarten classes and full day Kindergarten classes.

Middle School

The Middle School Program offers an excellent education in a nurturing environment that prepares our students for the transition to high school. We believe that each student’s spiritual needs should be developed through prayer, regular attendance at Mass and community service activities. Students develop organizational skills and personal responsibility through their work on projects such as the statewide science and social studies fairs where their research skills are improved and strengthened. Students are encouraged to use creative ways to approach these assignments.

A strong sense of teamwork is developed in the Middle School through class projects. We provide students with Smart boards, iPads, chromebooks, and an Apple Computer Lab for their assignments. Middle school offers students Musicals, Mathcounts, a Talent Show, Film Festival, Stock Market Program, athletics, and a special program with the younger students called “Buddies”. Middle School Students are encouraged to participate in after school activities and in the parish CYO.