Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings is a royal burial ground in Luxor Egypt.  You can find many
 famous Egyptian pharaohs there.  The Valley of the Kings is actually two valleys , and
a lot of the royal people are buried in the eastern one.  The valley was well hidden in a
 secret area away from the near villages.  The reason for this was to keep the tombs safe
 from robbers.  So far there have been 20 tombs found in the Valley of the Kings
including many famous pharaohs such as King Tutankhamun , Ramsesses II , Horemheb ,
and much more.

About the tombs
The tombs were very intricate and beautiful.  They were made out of mud brick.
 On the interior walls there were paintings and artworks of the person who had died.
Inside the tomb there would be items that belonged to the dead person , this was supplies
for the afterlife.

There may still be tombs out there that are waiting to be found.

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