Seth was the god of chaos.

Seth was the brother of Osiris and Isis.The thing that sets Seth apart
 from his siblings is that he is the only bad and chaotic one.That is why
he was the god of chaos.Seth killed his brother Osiris.The reason Seth
 killed Osiris was because he was jealous of Osiris's power over Egypt. 
Seth attempted to kill Osiris a few times. Once he put Osiris in a box
and threw him in the Nile River, but this idea did not work.Another time Seth chopped Osiris up and put pieces of him all around
 Egypt, but in the end in every story Isis brings Osiris back to life.
Horus (the son of Osiris and Isis) was next in line to the thrown,
but there was a problem, Seth did not want Horus to become pharaoh. Seth
 fought with Horus and Horus defeated him. That is how Seth became
the god of evil.

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