Papyrus was the type of paper Egyptians would
write on. It was made from the papyrus plant,
which grew in marshy areas around the Nile River.
The type of writing they would use on papyrus
was hieroglpyhics, which you can learn more
about on this site. Egyptians would take the
insides of plant and weave them to make the paper.
Papyrus paper is very rare today and is
very unlike the paper we use today in
several ways. One of the differences
between them is, our paper is flat and
smooth, while papyrus is very rough.
Papyrus plants weren't just used to make
paper, they were also used to make baskets,
mats, and boats. Sometimes, children would eat
the roots of plant. The papyrus plant usually grows
up to 15 feet high.
I hope you enjoyed reading about papyrus.
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