Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti was born in 1371 B.C., in Thebes, Egypt.
Her full name is Neferneferuaten Nefertiti.
Her father was Kheperkhepre Ay and her mother was
Tey. She had a sister named Mutbenret. Nefertiti's name
meant "The beautiful woman has come".  She was part of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.
Nefertiti got married to Akhenaten when she was 15. Because she was queen, 
she was the second most powerful person in Egypt. She only had daughters, but

she was the step-mother of Tutankhamun, whom you learn more about on this site.
One of Nefertiti's daughters was Ankhesenamun, who was married to Tut. She
also had a daughter named Meketaten, who died while giving birth at age 13.
Nefertiti was very upset after this happened, so much that she
may have even commited suicide because of it.
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